Testimonials: on Breathing Coordination MDH & Voice

“I have had the honor of experiencing research with Lynn Martin and Robin de Haas on the work of breathing coordination, an approach that was initially developed by Carl Stough.
This work is directly related to many of the Old World concepts of the Italian School, yet it delves more into the pure function of breath management more deeply.
It is a wonderful work on helping singers to release the ‘push reflex’ and to find vocal freedom. This is especially helpful to those singers who over-compress and do not release enough breath in their singing.”
David L. Jones / International Vocal Pedagogue

“Today is a magical day. In one week I feel like I progressed like a whole year in singing. This is the best workshop to improve my singing that I have attended. Thank you for what you share.”
Michele Meylan, Singer

“The pedagogical quality is outstanding and so is the commitment of the two teachers. Iʼve discovered I can enjoy my voice and even sing, when I was merely cohabitating with it before. This work also offers me new approaches to the links between physiotherapy and breathing.” 
André Labhart, Physiotherapist

“I think everybody should visit this workshop at one moment or another in their lives, even if we are not all artists or public speakers.
” Carole Piccot, secrétaire

“I would have never imagined that not only would my knowledge be enhanced, but also that my body could progress so rapidly. This feels like being born again. I leave with the conviction that my body is in good order and that I can work with my body in a trustful way, without trying to change or force it.
” Anne Ottiger, Singer

“This workshop brought me a lot. I have a better awareness of the integrity of my body and a more refined understanding of the role of each element of the body in the act of singing. The way we were accompanied is exemplary and precious. We were never left to our mere understandings, but led step by step in each practice and explanation.”  Eric Dahlen, Baritone

“I just came to the conclusion that this workshop is the milestone to a new start in my life. I now understand and live the real meaning of words like ‘Presence’. It is a revelation.”
Mané Bischof, Singer

“Thanks to Lynn for being the living example of what she teaches. Her shining, the goodness that emanates from her and her professional excellence are with no doubt the proof of the importance or even the urgency of discovering what sheʼs discovered.”
Sibylle Blanc, comédienne

“Great quality. As usual, you are precise, structured, passionate. It is also a pleasure to see that the class evolves, such as your thought. I am thankful that you go on debating and that you donʼt take anything for granted.”
Adrian Rupp, Actor

“It is a magnificent workshop. The work is subtle, deep and mostly so human. Iʼve discovered much more than what I was hoping for. I can now progress in a more conscious and independant way. Thanks with all my heart.”
Igor Rothenbühler, Mediator

“It is excellent. As a teacher, Iʼm a very demanding student with high expectations. Not only have these expectations been met, Iʼve received way more than I could have imagined. Iʼve followed inumerable workshops and seminars and I can say that this one is honestly among the very best. The material used is rich and the knowledge, care and respect of the two teachers are so reassuring. In one word: ‘Wow'”  Evelyn Sucher, Personal growth teacher

“I receive this workshop as a marvelous gift. The ideal complementarity of the two teachers allowed me to cross many obstacles within myself. I discover that what was impossible five days ago is now possible.”
Pascale Javet Stauffer, Nurse

“Excellent in its preparation, its organization, its respect of each individual and its balance between theory and practice. It is a huge discovery, an invitation for my body, a new start towards a more unified life turned towards life. I canʼt wait for whatʼs coming.”
Valérie Létoffé, Medical secretary

“Many thanks to Lynn and Robin for their empathy, the quality of their listening skills, their analysis of each individualʼs needs and their easy adaptability. I was struck by the harmonious way we moved from individual to group practice. Iʼm feeling I really met my voice, in all its amplitude and expressivity.” 
Sophie Chevallier, Singer songwriter

“This workshop happened just at the right time for me. The pedagogical team is stunning and combines gentleness, respect, competence and clarity. Weʼve made peak efficiency work and I feel more independent to work on my own.”
Francesca Giarini, Soprano and singing teacher

“This workshop is amazing. I have observed when a crisis situation came up in my personal life how through breathing coordination I have not only been able to inwardly protect myself from the aggression, but also I have been able to keep a clarity of mind because of the coordination I was in, and the decisions that followed were clear and efficient in spite of a huge stress.” Marie Laure Chabloz, Artistic Assistant, Lausanne City Opera

“I have loved this workshop. The content is very complete, and I have really met my body and my breathing. I am now able to easily and naturally project my voice. I canʼt imagine singing without that technique in the future.”
Sophie Loretan, Singer

“Itʼs magic. This work goes back to the sources and to the essential basics that are simple and accessible. It has revealed to me what I had always known deep inside of me but that I couldnʼt see. I now have the impression that everything is possible.”
Sarah Artachau, Singer

“I wish to underline that I have particularly appreciated the fact that the physiological approach that is offered is based on scientific knowledge, which is the opposite of other bodies of work on breathing that often rest on hazy, scabrous theories, notably in personal growth approaches.”
Laura Spanini, Translator and Singer

“This workshop has shown me once more that the human body is incredibly flexible and sensitive, but also that any modification or adaptation requires time to be integrated.”
Martin Aeberhard, Engineer

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